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DH Immediate Access Program

DH Immediate Access is a partnership between CSUDH, Book Publishers, and the University Bookstore that allows students to receive digital textbooks at a reduced cost. The charge is posted directly to student's ToroPay as a course material fee, and can be paid along with your other university charges, or by via financial aid.

What is the DH Immediate Access Textbook Program?

How do I Know if I'm Eligible for DH Immediate Access?

If you take a class that participates in DH Immediate Access, you will be enrolled in the program automatically. (Admissions/Bookstore) will send you an introductory email when we identify that you are enrolled in a participating class, which will be followed by an email from the (Admissions/Bookstore) detailing how to access your materials and how to opt-out of the program if you prefer to purchase your class materials elsewhere.

Students sponsored by third parties, the federal government (such as Veteran Affairs), vocational rehabilitation or other entities may not be eligible to participate in the DH Immediate Access Program.

You don't need to do anything! You will automatically be enrolled in the program if your class participates in the program. We encourage you to ask your professors during the first week of lecture to confirm if your class is included in the program if you have not received any emails regarding DH Immediate Access.

How do I Sign Up for DH Immediate Access?

If you are enrolled in the DH Immediate Access Program, watch for an email from (Admissions/Bookstore) that includes an opt-out link. Expect to receive this email about two weeks following the start of classes. If you register for a participating class during the first week of classes, you can expect to receive the email within 1-3 business days. The opt-out deadline is aligned with the final add/drop date or census date. Click below for steps to opt-out of the DH Immediate Access Program.

How Do I Opt-Out of DH Immediate Access?

What Will the Charge Look Like on my ToroPay Bill?

The charge will appear under the description "XXX xxxxxxxx [followed by the associated course number]." You can pay this charge through your ToroPay bill or allow it to be covered by financial aid. Here's an example of how the charge might appear on your bill:

For courseware with codes: On the Order Release Date, you will receive an email from the bookstore (Follett), with the subject line "You Digital Materials have Arrived". The email will contain a link to Canvas and your access code. You need to go to your course's Canvas page in order to redeem your code. The link provided will only bring you to the Canvas login page.

For ebooks: On the Order Release Date, you will receive an email from BryteWave/Redshelf containing an activation link. You must use your Toro email address to create an account and the book will be on your shelf. If you cannot find the link in your email, you can also go to or call (877) 612-2233.

For codeless: Your course is using codeless delivery. Every student who is enrolled will be charged the materials fee on their student account. You will only need to click the link from within your Canvas course to register for access.

Please refer to your course syllabus or your professor to see which type of materials you are using for your course.

How Do I Access my Course Materials?

If you drop your course before the end of the University drop/add period, your charge will be removed and your access to the course materials will be revoked. If you drop of withdraw after the initial drop/add period, the materials provided to you will be charged to your student account if you do not opt out.

What Happens if I Drop a Course?

If you previously purchased materials in the prior term that can be used in a future term and would like a refund, the quickest option is to opt-out. If you wait until after the opt-out period closes, the University Bookstore will identify students with continuation as in MAC1114 and MAC1140, at that time, a refund will be processed.

What Happens if I Already Purchased Materials in a Prior Term?

You can reach out to the University Bookstore for general questions about timing and fees, but specific questions about pricing, drops, withdrawals, or other issues should be directed to the Textbook department at the University Bookstore. You can contact the University Bookstore at (Insert email address here).

Who Do I Contact if I Have Questions about DH Immediate Access?

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