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Dining at CSUDH

CSUDH’s Campus Dining Services is now Urban Mosaic Food Company, operated by Aramark.

Join Us for a Bite to Eat

CSUDH’s Campus Dining Services is now Urban Mosaic Food Company, operated by Aramark.

Committed to providing CSUDH students, faculty, and staff with convenient and healthy food choices while on campus, Urban Mosaic Food Company offers a variety of locations throughout campus for you to enjoy a sit-down meal, a sandwich on the go, or a cup of coffee on the way to class.

For locations, menus, and hours of operation, please visit the Dining Locations and Menu page.

Urban mosaic Food Company logo

We Want to Hear from You

Dining is central to the student experience, and these services help to contribute to student learning and success.

CSUDH recognizes that there has been concern about the new dining services contract with Aramark. Aramark’s contract with Toro Auxiliary Partners includes key performance indicators (KPIs) that they must meet related to food quality, safe working conditions, student employment and engagement, and innovation in hospitality. Foundation is committed to ensuring these KPIs are met.

The primary venue for providing suggestions and feedback on Urban Mosaic Food Company’s dining program, food quality, and customer service is through their satisfaction survey here:

Both Aramark and Foundation staff review submissions daily.

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Why Aramark?

In 2020, Toro Auxiliary Partners engaged in a campus hospitality assessment of the university’s dining needs and its existing in-house dining operation model. The independent assessment’s recommendation included contracting all dining on campus to an outside partner to ensure greater financial stability and greater scalability of services.

In 2021, CSUDH Toro Auxiliary Partners began a request for proposal (RFP) process to evaluate bids from food service management companies, with the aim to support the university’s infrastructure growth.

View the released Request for Proposal here [PDF].

A committee that included Toro Auxiliary Partners and university staff, faculty, and students was formed to select what company would become the university’s dining vendor. Of the proposals, Aramark was the most thorough and competitive based on the scoring metrics, and the committee recommended that CSUDH accept the bid.

Aramark Sustainability Initiatives

Aramark will continue CSUDH’s commitment to sustainable dining practices and has developed and implemented Green Thread, which minimizes food waste, conserves natural resources, and sources ingredients responsibly. Read more on Aramark’s Sustainability page: 

Aramark chef and students eating and drinking.


New to CSUDH is Urban Mosaic’s Meal Plan and Dining Dollars cards. The Block 25 Meal Plan includes 25 meals plus $150 in Dining Dollars for $310 a semester. Or choose the Dining Dollars (a declining balance card) and load it up in $25 increments, depending on your needs. Dining Dollars can by used by resident and commuter students at Toro Fresh, Café Toro, DH Sports Lounge, Union Grind Coffee, DH Market, DH Express, and Booked & Brewed. You may also use DB Dollars to treat a guest to a meal.

It is your responsibility to activate your DB option each academic year with Dining Services to assure meals are accessible at Mosaic Dining Company locations. For more information, visit:

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