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Procurement Policies

Home Delivery Policy - To address remote work and to maintain critical operations Foundation is implementing a policy to allow home deliveries. The Home Delivery Policy will be in effect until students, faculty, and staff return to on-campus operation

Independent Contractor Policy and Procedures - Policy and Guide to determining who is an Independent Contractor. An independent contractor is engaged in a distinct profession and is in the business of providing services related to the job being contracted.

Procurement Policy - Set’s forth the manner in which the Toro Auxiliary Partners procures goods and services.

Procurement: Blanket ODP Business Solutions Purchase Order (PO) Guide -

Blanket ODP Purchase Orders can be used for fiscal year ordering with a set budget limit.

Service Contract Agreements Guide - To assist Toro Auxiliary Partners customers and administrators to determine when an agreement is needed. Independent Contractors, Contracted Services, and Artists should not commence work until the procedures outlined in the Contract Agreement Guide are completed.

Terms-and-Conditions - CSUDH Toro Auxiliary Partners general terms and conditions for Independent Contractors, Contracted Services, Vendors, Speakers, Artists, and Performers.



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