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Human Resources Policies

2024 Annual Labor Law Posters - 2024 Digital Labor Law Posters

ADA Accommodation Policy and Procedures - The policy and procedures should be used by applicants or employees who are requesting a reasonable accommodation

Affirmative Action Program - Affirmative Action Program for 7.1.2022 – 6.30.2023

Background Check Policy

CANRA Mandated Reporter Policy and Procedure FY22-23 - Employees deemed mandated reporters will be notified by Toro Auxiliary Partners HR of the need to complete mandatory trainings prior to beginning work with Toro Auxiliary Partners. This policy outlines the procedure, training requirements and mandated reporter responsibilities.

Code of Conduct - Video Overview - Defines a code of conduct for board members, officers, representatives, committees, affiliates and employees.

Compensation Policy

Criteria for Driving on Auxiliary Business - List of criteria for all individuals driving on Toro Auxiliary Partners business.

Electronic Communication Device Policy - Defines eligible employees who may receive a mobile device stipend.

Employee-Handbook-FY-23-24 - Inform all employees about the policies, responsibilities, procedures, guidelines, benefits and work rules that apply to each employee of the Toro Auxiliary Partners.

Labor Regulations Reference Guide 2021 - Quick Reference Guide for managers with Toro Auxiliary Partners direct reports.

Mandated Reporter Code of Conduct FY 22-23 - Code of Conduct and guidance for interacting with Minors on behalf of Toro Auxiliary Partners.

Mobile Device Stipend Policy - Policies surrounding mobile phone stipends for eligible employees.

Post Retirement Health Benefits Policy - Defines the post-retirement health benefits available to eligible employees.

Post-Retirement Health Benefit Accrual Policy - Explains how the CSUDH Toro Auxiliary Partners accounts for it’s post-retirement health accrual, as required by GASB 45.

Recruitment and Selection Policy - Defines a recruitment and selection policy applying to all full-time foundation positions.

Sick Leave Policy for Eligible, Non-Benefited Employees - Defines sick leave accrual policies for eligible, non-benefited employees.

Telecommuting Policy 2022 - Defines the differences between telecommuting and remote work.

Workplace Violence Policy/Program - Aims to provide a working environment that minimizes the potential for workplace violence and other safety/security risks.



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