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Finance Policies

Accounts Payable Policy - Policy for approving and processing general operating expenditures.

Accounts Receivable Policy - An outline the procedures in the accounts receivable function of the CSUDH Toro Auxiliary Partners.

Cash Receipting and Check Handling Policy - Policy establishing internal controls for processing of cash receipts.

Fixed Assets Policy - This policy seeks to record, control, transfer, and manage all existing Toro Auxiliary Partners assets and those acquired in the future. All items meeting the definition of a Fixed Asset shall be systematically and accurately recorded; properly classified; and adequately documented by a Toro Auxiliary Partners designee.

Form 990 Review Policy - Policies surrounding the preparation and submittal of IRS Form 990.

Gift Card and Gift Certificate Purchasing Procedures - Procedure surrounding the purchase and distribution of gift cards and gift certificates.

Honorarium Policy - This policy establishes clear and appropriate procedures related to honorariums which is one-time payment made to an individual who is not an employee of the University, for a special and non-recurring activity or event for which a fee is not legally or traditionally required.

Hospitality Policy - This policy governs the manner and extent to which hospitality may be provided to employees, students, donors, guests, visitors, volunteers, and other individuals as part of a business meeting; recreational, sporting or entertainment event; or other occasions that promote the mission of the University.

Long Term Investment Policy - Defines the long-term investment policy of the Toro Auxiliary Partners.

Purchasing Card (P-Card) Policy - Rules surrounding use of Toro Auxiliary Partners corporate credit cards. Please reference the P-Card User Guide

Risk Management Policy - Policies surrounding the CSUDH Toro Auxiliary Partners’ mitigation of risk.

Stipend Policy - This policy establishes clear and appropriate procedures related to stipends which is a one-time or series of payments given to a currently enrolled student, for participation in an internship, apprenticeship, fellowship, or approved Grant program. A stipend is often distinct from a wage or salary because it does not necessarily represent comparable payment for work performed, or for which service cannot be measured in terms of a task. Stipends awards are usually lower than what would be expected as a permanent salary for similar work. This is because the stipend is complemented by other benefits such as accreditation, instruction, food, and/or types of accommodations.

Travel Policy - Policies for employees, students, and others for business-related travel expenses

Travel User Guide - Instructional guide for procedures relating to the submission of travel-related forms



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