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Account Application - Use this form to create a new account with Toro Auxiliary Partners

Renewal/Revision of Account Application - To make changes to existing Toro Auxiliary Partners accounts.

Philanthropic Account Application - Create a new account for Philanthropic Foundation with Toro Auxiliary Partners

Philanthropic - Renewal Revision Philanthropic Foundation Accounts – To change signers or renew Philanthropic Foundation accounts

Philanthropic - Request to Update Allowable Expenditures - For restricted accounts, this form is used if the donor intent on your account has changed

Philanthropic Account Guide – Scholarships - For maintenance and usage of a PF scholarship account (6XXX)

Philanthropic Account Guide – Campus Programs - For maintenance and usage of a PF campus program account (8XXX)

Audio/Video/Visual Image/Interview Release Form - To reproduce/publish participant likeness on and without limitation to websites, television, radio, newspaper or interactive media

Catering Exception Request Form - To request an exception to purchase food or beverages for any event that takes place on campus and does not use Urban Mosaic Dining Services for catering.

Daily Mileage Log - To be submitted when requesting mileage reimbursement

Daily Mileage Log (2024 Version) - For usage on any travel on or after January 1, 2024

Deposit Memo - Utilize this form when making deposits

Fixed Asset Acquisition Form - This form seeks to record fixed and theft-sensitive assets. Complete prior to purchases of $5,000 or more per unit and a life expectancy of over 1 year. Complete prior to purchases for theft-sensitive items that are $500 or more (computers, laptops, tablets, phones, etc.) All information and communication technology (ICT) such as software, hardware, and online solutions require I.T approval.

Fund Transfer Request - To make transfers between accounts hosted under Toro Auxiliary Partners

Gift Card/Gift Certificate Purchase Request Form – To be completed when purchasing gift cards. Must also complete and submit Gift Card Tracking Log in Excel format.

Hospitality Authorization Form - For food, beverage, catering, events, tangible gifts, and incentives

Independent Contractor Request Form - Departments who wish to engage an Independent Contractor must seek prior approval through the completion and submission of the Independent Contractor Request form. The request form collects information regarding the proposed Independent Contractor’s services and contains the California “ABC Test” for ensuring proper classification of Independent Contractors before an agreement is formed. Proposed Independent Contractors who do not meet the criteria must be a hired as an employee.

Invoice Request – To invoice the University or external customers

Live Scan Applicant Charge Form - Use this form to select the appropriate Live Scan process

Lost Receipt Form - If a receipt is lost, and need to either be reimbursed or have your credit card reconciliation completed, use this form

Payment Request - Use this form to request payment to a vendor or for requests for reimbursement

P-Card Application - Purchasing Card Request Form

Please submit completed form to P-Card Request Dropbox Submission page.

Purchase Justification Form – Required for all purchases over $10,000.00

Release of Liability Waiver Form - Releases are required for all campus planned or sponsored events, on and off-campus, and based on a risk assessment. Releases are required for participants when third-party groups rent facilities on University property.

Stipend Certification and Payment Request - Fill out this form to request a stipend

Student Support Notification Form – To notify Financial Aid of stipend recipients

Travel Forms:

Travel Request - To obtain approval for business-related travel

Travel Advance Request - For group travel instances when more than one person is requesting an advance. To be submitted with one travel request form.

Travel Expense Claim - To submit reconciliation of business-related travel expenses

Travel Expense Claim (2024 Version) - For usage on any travel on or after January 1, 2024

Vendor Data Record – To set up vendors for payment information


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