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How do I know if my account is a Philanthropic Foundation Account or a Foundation Account?

If your account starts with a 6, or 8, it is a Philanthropic Foundation account and is overseen by University Advancement. Accounts starting with 6 can only expense scholarships. No other spending is allowed. Accounts starting with 8 can be restricted or unrestricted based on the gift agreement or account application.

What is an Endowment?

An endowment fund is defined as a single or combined pool of assets gifted to the California State University, Philanthropic Foundation to provide resources for various activities consistent with the mission of California State University, Dominguez Hills.

What is a Corpus Account?

Pure endowment funds are those in which the principal amount must remain inviolate in perpetuity. Only the income distributions may be expended.

Why do I no longer see Corpus Accounts on my reports?

Corpus accounts are principle funds that are invested; we found that these accounts’ appearance on reports caused confusion, with many believing they were separate  spendable funds. For transparency and when needed, customers can contact for Corpus reports

How often does my spending account which is tied to a Corpus get distribution?

Distribution calculations are performed on 12/31 of each year, any fund established after December (January-June) would not be eligible for a distribution in the upcoming July, but would need to wait another year.

How is interest earned off of investment funds calculated?

Philanthropic Foundation’s current endowment spending policy allows for a distribution of 4% of the average market value (MV) over a trailing 36-month period for each endowed fund. The distribution is calculated using the 12/31 closing MV and adding the fund’s closing MV for each the previous 36 months, dividing by 36, and multiplying by .04.

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