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Grants Policies

Advanced Spending Authorization Policy and Procedure - Outlines the procedure for establishing advance accounts as well as the potential risks and responsibilities of incurring project costs prior to the start date of an award or the commitment of funds against a grant, contract or other agreement prior to receipt of an executed award document.

Sponsored Programs - Indirect Cost Negotiation Agreement - Colleges and universities rate agreement.

Sponsored Programs - Off Campus Use of Foundation Property - Foundation policy requires that property purchased from a grant fund remains in the campus and may only be removed from the campus to an off-site location if it is necessary in the performance of Foundation/University activities.

Sponsored Programs - Prior Approval Policy - Policy surrounding prior approval for certain costs related to Federal awards.

Sponsored Programs - Signature Authorization Policy and Procedures - This policy establishes clear and appropriate approval authority to use grants and contracts, sponsored programs and campus programs maintained by the Foundation.

Transferring Accountability for Fixed Assets - Transferring accountability for fixed assets purchased under grants and contracts.


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