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Commercial Services: Filming

Introducing CSUDH Toro Auxiliary Partners, Commercial Services: Filming! Located in the heart of Southern California, our university offers an unparalleled backdrop for your filming needs. With a diverse range of architectural styles, CSUDH is the ideal choice for productions seeking versatility and authenticity. Our campus is surrounded by seven convenient parking lots, making it a film-friendly location that ensures hassle-free logistics for your crew. Whether you're looking for a modern, urban setting or a more traditional, collegiate atmosphere, we have you covered, providing the perfect backdrop for your next cinematic masterpiece.

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Commercial Services: Filming

Eric Oum is the Marketing & Film Site Specialist at California State University, Dominguez Hills (CSUDH). As a dedicated CSUDH alumnus, Eric earned his bachelor's degree in graphic design with a unique emphasis on marketing and photography, showcasing his passion for both the creative and strategic aspects of visual communication. With an unwavering commitment to the university and its students, Eric envisions a dynamic future for commercial filming at CSUDH. His mission is to lay a solid foundation for film inquiries, enabling the campus to become a sought-after location for the entertainment industry while providing invaluable real-world experiences to CSUDH students. If you're interested in exploring the exciting opportunities Eric is spearheading, don't hesitate to reach out to him at (562) 481-1780 or via email at

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